Not all Wellness Advocates are the same

The main issue for many customers and people wanting to become a Dotera rep is that not all Wellness Advocates are equal.

  • There is the Wellness Advocate that panics when they realize how much work in needed and leave their enrollment kit in the box
  • There is the Advocate that has big plans and intentions but never quite goes beyond opening the box
  • There is the Wellness Advocate that has only ever intended to share the products with friends and family with no intention running a business
  • And then there is the Wellness Advocate that works on her business very part time and happy with that

This situation can make it difficult for that average customer and new advocate to find a doTERRA consultant who is fully committed and willing to provide the products and happy to mentor someone to be successful in their doTERRA business.

This of course leaves a lot of room for serious Wellness Advocates that take action and want to build a business with doTERRA, which is normally the same individuals that are more than willing to share the oils and help and support new Wellness Advocates.

Is there any Wellness Advocates where someone can buy doTERRA locally?

Yes, we have a few committed wellness advocates in North Carolina, Ohio or in the United Kingdom or but not every state or country has fully active doTERRA retailers, however, the internet has changed everything in the world of purchasing everything online including essential oils. Simple click on the “Order now” button below and become a retail customer.

For those of you outside the US we have: Susie Jackson - United Kingdom, Wumi Meduoye - United Kingdom, Eeva Floor - Finland, Michelle Conway - Eira / Southern Ireland, Francesca Pietropoli - Italy, Rosana Mazariegos - Spain, Kelly Neels - Canada and Marion Motbey - Australia

Purchase essential oils locally

What if I wanted to buy some oils as a Wholesale customer and get 25% off?

It is possible to purchase doTERRA oils at 25% below retails, receive free products of the month via the “Loyalty reward program” and gain product points towards free products. In addition, if you enjoy the oils as a Wholesale customer and would like to run doTERRA as a business in the future you can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate for free. Click on the “Learn More” link for details:

doTERRA consultant

I really want to find a doTERRA consultant near me

After some years in doTERRA I have a reasonable amount of leaders who are willing to help and support new consultants, offer advice about the products and sell oils to customers. The top three in my US team are; Tamara Houser from North Carolina, Cynthia Goodsite from Ohio and Steven Jackson from the UK. Scroll down for more information about these advocates where you will find their biographies and links.

Tamara Houser

Long established doTERRA independent product consultant

Tamara Houser who is a long established doTERRA independent product consultant with lots of experience in wellness issues involving essential oils, yoga and healthy living. She has been supporting her team all over the United States with a large team concentrated in North Carolina. If you are living in North Carolina or in fact anywhere in the United State you will not be disappoint with this outstanding doTERRA consultant and business opportunity mentor. She is very knowledgeable about the oils so if you wish to be a retail or Wholesale customer or even a Wellness advocate she can guide you towards the best choice for you.

Become a doTERRA wellness advocate

Cynthia Goodsite

Dynamic and hard working doTERRA essential oils representative

Cynthia Goodsite is one of our most dynamic and hard working doTERRA essential oils representative. Single handedly built a large team all over the United States and sharing doTERRA products wherever she goes. Cynthia is a great example of a self starter and highly motivated consultant in doTERRA. If you need anything doTERRA related in the Ohio area or anywhere in the US reach out to her straight away. Cynthia is friendly and knowledgeable in all aspect of doTERRA essential oils and their business opportunity.

doTERRA consultant

Are you truly looking for success and want a global leader to take you there?

If you were wonder who put together this wonder team and helped and supported them to the next level in their doTERRA businesses. My name is Steven Jackson and I have been enjoying my journey with doTERRA for some years, even though my journey has not always been simply or straight forward, it has become the experience of my life.

Who is Steven Jackson?

I have been involved with MLM and network marketing for many years, so I believes in the concept of making money from home and had been enjoying a reasonable success in other companies, however I was looking for something new, something that would exist and inspire him to greater things.

As an Entrepreneur, I believes that network marketing and online marketing ticks all the boxes for me and gives me the financial freedom and the global independence that I have always desired, which allows me to choose where and how I live.

Before joining doTERRA I did ask myself;

How was I going to make money as a Wellness Advocate?

The reviews I had read, spoke about running classes and sharing the products with friends and family, but I didn't see myself doing that. All I could think about was;

“There must be an easier way to run doTERRA as a business!”

I already had some knowledge of social media and online marketing, so even before I started to find a doTERRA Wellness Advocate I could join, I was developing ideas on how to automate my doTERRA business, so I could do everything online via my blogs and landing pages

As I understood quite fast that this was going to need planning, but in a very short amount of time I started to achieve the success he wanted. And if you join my team I will share my knowledge and experience with you.

How to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate with Steven Jackson?

Firstly, I do not take very many new Wellness Advocates on as their mentors even though I sponsor quite a few new members a months. Many come under the definitions I mentioned earlier. However, for though of you that really want to work with me and will to commit to the process I am willing to give you my time and energy to help you become successful in your doTERRA business.

Find a doTERRA consultant

What is expected from a new advocate wanting to work with Steven Jackson?

The minimum requirements are:

  • One on one video call with me within the first week of joining doTERRA
  • Committing 15 hours or more a week on your business
  • Attending our weekly webinars
  • Be proactive and don’t expect me to tell you what to do, but ask for help and advice on what you are doing
  • Create a set of short and long term goals and commit to them, but make your goals achievable
  • Make your business a continuous learning process
  • List all the possible changes you will have to make
  • Create your prospect list of all the people you know and all the people you don’t know yet
  • Strive to become a leader

Yes, I know, the requirements seem harsh, but my time is precious to me and so I only want to work with people that are truly committed to running their business. So, regardless where you are living in the world I am willing to help you to become more than you are by the best wellness advocate you can be, but be warned, “WORK IS REQUIRED”

Find a doTERRA consultant locally recap

Our top three wellness advocates

Tamara Houser from North Carolina, Cynthia Goodsite from Ohio and Steven Jackson from the UK.

Stable and reliable opportunity

There has been no better time to start working for such a profitable company as doTERRA

Unlimited earning potential

We allow our reps to earn while the learn and as much as they want

25% retail commission

Each time a rep sales any of their product they will receive 25% of the retails price

Free webshop and back office

Every rep will receive a free web store and back office to share the products

Global opportunity

Regardless where you live in the world, it is possible to become a rep

Free training

Online team and personal training with a experienced mentor and marketer starting with the membership and business overview

Get in touch

If you are browsing this page I am guessing you are looking to purchase essential oils locally and even though I would suggest choosing one of the advocates on this page we do have an alternative option. If you reach out to me by adding your name, email address and message below I may have a new up in coming wellness advocate that can help you.