Doterra store locations

Where to buy Doterra locally

Below I have created a list of all the active Doterra locations available in your areas at the moment.

We have a large amount in the US however for those of you who do not live in the United States we also have consultant in Australia, the UK, and Italy with more coming on board everyday such as Doterra Spain.

The list is update regularly.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this list, send me an email and I will ask a consultant to contact you as soon as I have one available.

For any other questions about Doterra products or their business opportunity contact me at: or Click here and go directly to my enrollment page.

Doterra Consultants in the U.S.

Johanna Reed (Leader) California, USA Contact Johanna Reed Register with Johanna Reed
Kiersten Bean (Leader) Florida, USA Contact Kiersten Bean Register with Kiersten Bean
Debra Weiss (Leader) Florida, USA Contact Debra Weiss Register with Debra Weiss
Brittany Siebert Florida, USA Contact Brittany Siebert Register with Brittany Siebert
Mary Ziegler Florida, USA Contact Mary Ziegler Register with Mary Ziegler
Maile Aquino (Leader) Hawaii, USA Contact Maile Aquino Register with Maile Aquino
Alina Wriedt Illinois, USA Contact Alina Wriedt Register with Alina Wriedt
Kathy Siefert Indiana, USA Contact Kathy Siefert Register with Kathy Siefert
Julie Basile (Leader) Kentucky, USA Contact Kathy Siefert Register with Kathy Siefert
Tamara Houser (Leader) North Carolina, USA Contact Tamara Houser Register with Tamara Houser
Danielle Wilhite (Leader) North Carolina, USA Contact Danielle Wilhite Register with Danielle Wilhite
Jaye Smith North Carolina, USA Contact Jaye Smith Register with Jaye Smith
Cynthia Goodsite (Leader) Bellevue, Ohio, USA Contact Cynthia Goodsite Register with Cynthia Goodsite
Mariah Mira Bellevue, Ohio, USA Contact Mariah Mira Register with Mariah Mira
Autumn Norman Newark, Ohio, USA Contact Mariah Mira Register with Mariah Mira
Roselyn Poton Oregon, USA Contact Roselyn Poton Register with Roselyn Poton
Brittany Powell Oregon, USA Contact Brittany Powell Register with Brittany Powell
Manuela Battilani (Leader) Pennsylvania, USA Contact Manuela Battilani Register with Manuela Battilani
Anne Hastie (Leader) Pennsylvania, USA Contact Anne Hastie Register with Anne Hastie
Susan Birckett Tennessee, USA Contact Susan Birckett Register with Susan Birckett
Rochelle Grant (Leader) Texas, USA Contact Rochelle Grant Register with Rochelle Grant
Jessica Wozniak Wisconsin, USA Contact Jessica Wozniak Register with Jessica Wozniak

Doterra Consultants outside the U.S.

Brooke Stower (Leader) Queensland, Australia Contact Brooke Stower Register with Brooke Stower
Melissa-Maree Bodle Western Australia, Australia Contact Melissa-Maree Bodle Register with Melissa-Maree Bodle
Kelly Taylor Western Australia, Australia Contact Kelly Taylor Register with Kelly Taylor
Sheryl Cummins North South Wales, Australia Contact Sheryl Cummins Register with Sheryl Cummins
Aimy Corbeil Canada Contact Aimy Corbeil Register with Aimy Corbeil
Steven Jackson (Leader) England, UK Contact Steven Jackson Register with Steven Jackson
Manuela Battilani (Leader) Italy Contact Manuela Battilani Register with Manuela Battilani