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To purchase essential oils locally or to find a local Doterra consultant for help and support is not always easy until now. Below I am offering some of the best Doterra consultant available around the world including the US, the UK, Europe and Australia.

Note: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the top consultants from the UK, Canada and Australia

The Doterra consultant below are team leaders with a lot of experience, however, if you are really looking for some closer to home click on the Doterra Consultant Global Locator and see who we have available around the global at the moment. The map is updated almost everyday.


Tamara Houser Doterra Consultant

North Carolina



Tamara is a long established consultant with lots of experience in wellness issues involving essential oils and healthy living. She has been supporting her team all over the United States with a large team concentrated in North Carolina. If you are living in North Carolina or in fact anywhere in the United State you will not be disappoint with this outstanding Doterra consultant and business opportunity mentor.

Anne Hastie Doterra essential oils distributor




Annie is a 20 year old, plant based, nature enthusiast and college student. She started her journey with essential oils as a senior in high school when she was dealing with debilitating anxiety. She was desperate for a way of managing the anxiety that wouldn't cause harm to my body, so she turned to oils. She loved how they gave me a feeling of control because she could take them to school and use them when she needed to. She enrolled as a Wellness Advocate in September of 2016 because she is passionate about helping others live more healthfully and since then has been building a team to support herself and her studies. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Cynthia Goodsite Doterra Wellness Advocate




Cynthia Goodsite is one of our most dynamic consultant. Single-handily building a large team all over the United States and sharing Doterra products where ever she goes. Cynthia is a great example of a self starter and highly motivated consultant in Doterra. If you need anything Doterra related in the Ohio area or anywhere in the US reach out to her straight away. Cynthia is friendly and knowledgeable in all aspect of Doterra essential oils and business opportunity.

Marion Motbey Doterra near me Australia

New South Wales



Marion is one of our top business minded wellness advocates in Australia running her business from her hair dressers. She has a passion for the oils and she wants you to be passionate also. To find out more about Doterra oils and related products in Australia reach out to Marion and ask for more information and she will be willing to help and support you in any way she can.

Caroline Baker find Doterra consultant UK




Caroline is a single Mum of two children and has joined Doterra because she loves essential oils and all their benefits and want to make sure her children have a healthy start in life. She has been a passionate home based and MLM business owner for some years with great success. So anyone new to essential oils, reach out and come join her on her journey in discovering the benefits of essential oils. This will be the best decision you will ever make and it will change your life forever."

If you would like to join her in dōTERRA, please message her as she would love to get to know you and to be in her team!

Eeva Floor Doterra consultants near me Suomi Finland




Eeva is a highly expreinced and success network marketer and probably most successful Doterra member in this shortlist. She has over 20 years experience in a large weight loss company, however when she retired and passed the business onto her daughter she found that she missed running a business so she joined us at Doterra.

She is looking to build a team in Finland but also in Scandinavia.

Eeva is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English, so you can reach out to her anywhere in the world.